83 New Construction Detached & Townhomes in Ottawa ( 2024 )

New Construction Condos in Ottawa

83 New Pre construction Detached, Townhomes, or Condos for sale in Ottawa, Ontario | Check out plans, pricing, availability for preconstruction homes in Ottawa

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15+ Pre construction Homes for sale in Ottawa ( 2023 ) 

There are several new pre-construction developments currently available or coming soon in Ottawa, Ontario . Prices for these developments may range from $350,000 to over $934,000 and unit sizes vary from condos to single family homes. Some of the developments have not yet released pricing details or have not yet started accepting registrations. It is important to note that the completion dates, pricing and deposit structure for these developments  may be subject to change. It is advisable to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the developers on their official websites.

  1. The Sky Condos - By: Richcraft homes. Status: Pending . Location: 845 Carling Avenue
  2. The Spencer at Greystone - By: eQ Homes Status: Preconstruction Price: from $525k
  3. Greenhaus Condos - By Green Eagle Development Inc. Status : Registration Open
  4. Anthem Condos - By Minto Communities. Status: Registration. Location: 4005 Strandherd Drive
  5. Copperwood Estate - By Uniform Urban Development. Status : registration. Type: Towns & Singles
  6. The Next Condos - By Ashcroft Homes. Type: Condos. Status: Pending
  7. Monocle Condos - By Ashcroft Homes. Location: 91 Shannon Street. Type: Condos
  8. Maple Grove Townhomes - By Landric Homes. Location: 1869 maple Grove road. Type: Townhomes
  9. 350 Sparks Street Condos - By Morguard. Type: Condo. Location: 350 Sparks street
  10. 175 Richmond Road Condos - By Claridge Homes. Type: Condo. Location: 175 Richmond road
  11. Iron ValleyBy Claridge Homes. Type: Condo. Location: Terry Fox Drive & Fernbank Drive, Ottawa
  12. Crown of StonebridgeBy Mattamy Homes. Type: Townhomes . Location: 3454 Greenbank Road, Ottawa
  13. 1620 maple Grove TownhomesBy Richcraft Homes. Type: Townhomes. Location: 1620 Maple Grove Road
  14. 130 Huntmar DriveBy Urbandale Construction. Type: Townhomes. Location: 130 Huntmar Drive, Ottawa
  15. Parkside at arcadiaBy Minto Communities. Type: Townhomes. Location: 280 Huntmar drive, Ottawa
  16. Locale CondosBy Mattamy Homes Canada Type: Condo Location : 2370 10th Line Road, Ottawa, ON
  17. Tamarack Norman Condos - By Tamarack Homes Types : Condo Location : 101 Norman Street, Ottawa, ON
  18. Kanata Lakes - By Richcraft Homes Types: Townhomes and single Location : 558 Bobolink Ridge, Ottawa, ON
  19. Blackstone - By Cardel Homes Ottawa Type : Types: Townhomes and single Location : 106 Westphalian Avenue, Ottawa, ON
  20. Riverside South Towns - By Urbandale Construction Types : Townhouse  Location : 708 River Road, Ottawa, ON

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                                                                        New homes in Ottawa under $400 000

                                                                        1. The Charlotte Condos - By Richcraft Homes | Location : 560 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        2. Claridge Moon - By Claridge Homes | Location : 340 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON 

                                                                        New homes in Ottawa under $500 000

                                                                        1. Promenade - By Mattamy Homes| Location : Greenbank Road & Jockvale Road, Ottawa, ON  
                                                                        2. The Junction Condos - By Phoenix Homes | Location : Fallowfield Road & Cedarview Road, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        3. Claridge Hintonburg - By Claridge Homes | Location : 1040 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON 

                                                                        New homes in Ottawa under $600 000

                                                                        1. The Spencer at Greystone - By eQ Homes | Location : Hazel Street & Main Street, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        2. Cassette Towns - By Caivan Communities | Location : 2275 Mer-Bleue Road, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        3. Bridlewood Trails - By Claridge Homes | Location : 186 Overberg Way, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        4. Avalon West - By Minto Communities | Location : Tenth Line Road & Harvest Valley Avenue, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        5. Spring Valley Trails - By Claridge Homes | Location : 247 Joshua Street, Ottawa, ON 

                                                                        New homes in Ottawa under $700 000

                                                                        1. Diamondview Estates - By Mattino Developments Inc. | Location : 1477 Diamondview Rd Ottawa, 
                                                                        2. Maple Grove Towns - By Landric Homes | Location : 1869 Maple Grove Road, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        3. Flagstaff - By Glenview Homes | Location : 3387 Borrisokane Road, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        4. Lilythorne - By Claridge Homes |Location : 3275 Findlay Creek Drive, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        5. Crown of Stonebridge - By Mattamy Homes | Location : 3454 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON 
                                                                        6. Findlay Creek Village TownsBy Tartan Homes | Location : 3913 Kelly Farm Drive, Ottawa, ON

                                                                        Top 10 Pre construction Home Builders In Ottawa, Ontario

                                                                        Currently, there are more than 50 new-home developments in the Ottawa area with homes ranging from townhomes and condos to bungalows and two-storey singles. To navigate the choices, we’ve detailed most of the significant developments within a 50-kilometre radius of Ottawa, on the Ontario side. Use the helpful filtering options on the map (or see the list below) to identify developments of interest to you and select specific pins for a summary of each.

                                                                        1. Mattamy Homes Canada
                                                                        2. Minto Communities
                                                                        3. Ashcroft Homes
                                                                        4. Claridge Homes
                                                                        5. Valecraft Homes
                                                                        6. Richcraft Homes
                                                                        7. Cardel Homes
                                                                        8. eQ Homes
                                                                        9. Tamarack  Homes 
                                                                        10. Brigil

                                                                        Pre construction homes prices in Ottawa

                                                                        Median price: Third quarter of 2022

                                                                        Property Types

                                                                        Median Price

                                                                        Single Detached




                                                                        Apartment Units


                                                                        Single Detached: The median sale price for single detached homes edged up 3% on a year-over-year basis to $685,000 in the third quarter of 2022. Total of 1,951 Units sold.

                                                                        Townhouse :The median sale price for townhouse and row units edged up 3.8% on a year-over-year basis to $550,000 in the third quarter of 2022. Total of 985 units sold

                                                                        Source: https://creastats.crea.ca/mls/otta-median-price , https://creastats.crea.ca/mls/otta-sales-by-category

                                                                        Check available Pre construction Open House in Ottawa (Kanata, Osgoode, The Gleve, Old Ottawa)

                                                                        Friday, Jan 1 - Open House - check for availability  -  

                                                                        Saturday, Jan 2 - Open House - check for availability -  

                                                                        Sunday, Jan 3 - Open House - check for availability -

                                                                        Monday, Jan 4 -Open House - check for availability -

                                                                        Tuesday, Jan 5  -Open House - check for availability 

                                                                        Email us at [email protected] or call us 647 527 4970 to inquire about new development homes in Ottawa.

                                                                        Before buying preconstruction homes:

                                                                        It is always a good idea to do your research before purchasing a pre-construction property. It is important to understand the terms of the purchase agreement, including the deposit structure, the completion date, and any warranties or guarantees that are being offered by the developer. You should also consider getting a real estate lawyer to review the agreement before you sign it. It is also a good idea to visit the site of the development and talk to other people who have purchased in the development to get a sense of the quality of the construction and the reputation of the developer.

                                                                        Why Buy New Construction Homes in Ottawa? Reasons to buy a home for your family.

                                                                        One of the best parts of choosing to buy pre-construction homes such as detached, townhomes or condos in Ottawa is the variety of incredible neighborhoods you have to choose from. Ottawa is thriving and from fast-growing rural communities like Greely and Manotick to urbanite-friendly hubs like Westboro, Ottawa has something for everyone.  



                                                                        I am looking to buy a new construction home in Ottawa. Are there any other hidden costs when buying a Pre-construction home?

                                                                        Even though the purchase price of a pre-construction home might look cheaper than a resale on paper, be sure to budget for hidden costs in new construction such as:

                                                                        • GST/HST, which the government charges on newly built homes

                                                                        • Connecting utilities like gas and electricity

                                                                        • Putting up eavestroughs and downspouts

                                                                        • Air conditioner installation

                                                                        • Major appliances — refrigerator, stove, and so on

                                                                        • Blinds

                                                                        • Fencing

                                                                        • Automatic garage door opener

                                                                        All those upgrades are in addition to the typical closing costs and fees you would pay when buying a home.


                                                                        What are the condo fees? If I buy a new condo in Ottawa how much do I have to pay? Who set the condo fees?


                                                                        Condo fees are the monthly payments all condo owners pay to maintain their shared property and fund amenities or building management fees.


                                                                        Condo fees are set by the condo corporation board. Condo corporations hold annual general meetings where they walk through the corporation’s finances, all the changes taking place, and vote for a board of directors. 


                                                                        Ottawa Real Estate Market Updates ( 2022 ) 

                                                                        Main Housing Stats for Ottawa, September 1, 2022. The average price for a home in Ottawa is now $633,444, an increase of 0.8% over August, 2021. This number includes all residential houses and condos together.

                                                                        Breaking average prices down into houses and condos:


                                                                        • The average price for a freehold house in Ottawa for August was $739,167, up 1.3%. This includes detached singles, Townhouses and Semi-Detached homes.

                                                                        • The average price for a condominium in Ottawa for August was $428,656 up 3.6%. This includes apartments, row units and stacked-style condos.


                                                                        What's the Average House Price in Ottawa, by Month?

                                                                        The stats above give you the long-term trend, or year-over-year sales price comparison. The table below shows you the short-term changes, or the month-over-month change in price for 2021/2022.

                                                                        Month 2022


                                                                        % Change


























                                                                        *The Sold Stats by neighborhood are taken from our local Ontario Real Estate Board (OREB).

                                                                        Moving to Ottawa ? Looking to buy preconstruction home ? Check out historical sold prices in Ottawa

                                                                        Sold Home Prices in Ottawa, 1956 - Present, (including Condos) plus % Change over Previous Year Check out year to year comparison of Average sold prices for all types of homes in Ottawa

                                                                        YEARAVERAGE PRICEPERCENT CHANGE

                                                                        Sold House Prices in Ottawa

                                                                        *The Sold Stats by neighborhood are taken from local Ontario Real Estate Board (OREB).

                                                                        Are you looking for a new construction homes for you and your family?

                                                                        Click here To check out all the Ottawa New construction homes, plans and pricing with availability, 

                                                                        Check out the video below on Monocle Condos in Ottawa

                                                                        Moving to Ottawa, Ontario? Check out some interesting stuff about Ottawa

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                                                                        Ottawa Real estate board News Release - November Residential Resales: Expectedly Low

                                                                        December 6, 2022

                                                                        Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) sold 846 residential properties in November through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System, compared with 1,456 in November 2021, a decrease of 42%. November’s sales included 658 in the residential-property class, down 39% from a year ago, and 188 in the condominium-property category, a decrease of 50% from November 2021. The five-year average for total unit sales in November is 1,270.

                                                                        By the Numbers – Average Prices*:

                                                                        • The average sale price for a condominium-class property in November was $415,533, a decrease of 4% from 2021.
                                                                        • The average sale price for a residential-class property was $680,031, decreasing 5% from a year ago.
                                                                        • With year-to-date average sale prices at $774,422 for residential units and $454,436 for condominiums, these values represent an 8% increase over 2021 for both property classes.

                                                                        Source: Ottawa Real Estate Board

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