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Burlington is the only allied city of Regional Municipality of Halton, Ontario. The city resides in the heart of southern Ontario and northwestern end of Lake Ontario. It is also a part of GTA and is included in the Hamilton Metropolitan Census Area. It covers an area of 185.6 Sq. Km and lies close to the US border . It is one of the most liveable cities in Canada.

Burlington is ranked as Canada’s best community and best place to raise a family by Maclean’s magazine.

Life in Burlington Neighbourhoods

Burlington is a charming waterfront city which neighbours the city of Toronto and Hamilton. It is an industrial city and its thriving industries add even more opportunities within the city. It has a perfect balance of vibrant city life and tranquil family neighborhoods. The city offers adequate world class urban amenities which helps the resident to live a well balanced life. The city also has diverse neighbourhoods which are suitable for people with different preferences.   

Festivals in Burlington

  • Sound of Music Festival

  • Appleby Line Street Festival

  • Canada Day

  • Kite Festival

  • Children’s Festival

  • Burlington Remembers Juno 75

Leading Neighbourhoods in Burlington

Downtown Burlington

The centre of the city undoubtedly has phenomenal facilities, but it comes with a heavier price tag. Downtown Burlington also offers waterfront amenities with the stunning view of Lake Ontario.

Alton Village

It is somewhat far from the centre of Burlington, but a perfect community to affordably raise a family in a tranquil and safe environment. It provides easy access to all sorts of amenities.


It is especially popular among the people who want to stay close to Toronto. It offers fantastic facilities and enormous outdoor space to live an active peaceful community life.


It is a thriving community popular for its affordable housing and quick access to downtown Burlington, Burlington GO station, Great educational facilities, and QEW. 


It is closer to downtown Burlington and resides right on Lake Ontario. It is home to some of the top ranked academic institutions of Burlington and offers a wonderful family life. 

Elizabeth Gardens

It offers a wide selection of affordable housing as per your requirement. It is located by Lake Ontario which allows you to enjoy your evening walks, bike rides, and birdwatching  along the waterfront.

Brant Hills

It is admired for its quiet meandering tree-lined streets and family friendly community life. It provides easy access to quality education and recreational amenities to assist a well balanced life.

House Market of Burlington

Burlington is a rapidly growing city and Toronto residents are getting allured towards it thanks to the more affordable housing as compared to Toronto. However, Properties are still costly to purchase. The Real Estate Market of Burlington is hotter than ever with expected rise in prices of houses by 7% in near future. The city offers a wide selection of restaurants, different forms of art, vibrant festivals, and loads of green spaces. Due to all these factors, the rise in demand for houses is consistent.

The average price for a residential property in Burlington is $928k across all property types.

Single detached houses are the most commonly sold property type in Burlington.

Mortgage and down payment details

Mortgage rate tremendously differs depending on your Mortgage term, Lender, Mortgage type, Insurance and Down payment. However, You will encounter competitive brokers, lenders, and banks which will help you get the best mortgage rates. 

As for the minimum downpayment

  • In order to receive Burlington mortgage, you must pay 5% down payment.

  • Down Payment below 20% will require you to pay for mortgage insurance.

Property taxes and other taxes details:

Property tax amounts vary corresponding to the value of your property. It is completely based on the assessed value of your home as determined by Municipal Property Assessment Corporation(MPAC). Municipal tax and education tax together make up for total property tax.

The final property tax rate of Burlington as of 2020 is 0.76053%.

Land Transfer Tax(LTT): 

Land Transfer Tax is implied to you whenever you buy a house, or land in Burlington which is due upon closing. Since it is a marginal tax, different portions of your house’s/ land’s value are taxed at their own respective rate.

Family Life and Education

Burlington is an incredible place to raise a family. Its neighbourhoods are well facilitated and perfectly safe for kids. The educational amenities are no issue since it is home to some of the top quality institutions. It also offers plenty of open space along with ample recreational provisions to live with a family and lead an active life. 

 Popular academic institutions of Burlington

  • John T Tuck Public School ( k- 8)

  • Alton Village Public School (K - 8)

  • Nelson School (9 -12)

  • Dr Frank J Hayden School (9-12)

  • Charles Sturt University

  • Burlington Educational Center

  • Trillium College

  • Columbia International College

Weather of Burlington

The annual average temperature of Burlington is 9.1°C and average annual rainfall is about 38.5 inch.

Burlington experiences a humid continental climate and is classified as Dfa by Köppen. Summers are warm and humid whereas winters are cold, dry and windy. The city lies in the close proximity to Lake Ontario which contributes to maintaining the moderate climate. The weather is quite comfortable as compared to most other areas of Ontario. The sky is partly cloudy throughout the year.

Weekend Getaways

Burlington is an amazing city to live in and definitely will not disappoint you when it comes to wonderful getaway destinations. It sits right in between Toronto and Niagara Falls which widens every prospect. Here are some of the visit worthy destination to spend your weekend

Royal Botanical Garden

Royal Botanical Garden (RBG) is the largest botanical garden in Canada and the major attraction of Burlington. It shelters huge gardens and you definitely need a vehicle if you wish to explore them all or you can just enjoy your time walking along the gardens and reserve the rest for another trip.

Burlington Waterfront Trail

Burlington Waterfront Trail is a wonderful place for a family day out, picnics, or even evening walks if you're staying nearby. It features a great walkway trail along the waterfront with the mesmerizing view of Lake Ontario. You can never have enough of the vibrant environment combined with peace of Etill lake. It also offers a mini zip-line for kids, plenty of public space for biking, park, and restaurants at a walking distance.

Spencer Smith Park

Spencer Smith Park is a stunning park in Burlington which makes up for a fantastic location, family day outs or even picnics are great options. It facilitates walking paths, extended grass areas to sit and enjoy the peace, waterfront playground, and splash pad. It also has easy access to restaurants which makes everything more convenient.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Mount Nemo Conservation Area is an ideal destination for outdoorsy nature enthusiasts. There are hiking trails and paths ranging from easy to more challenging ones. It also facilitates cross country skiing. As a whole, it is a gorgeous place to spend weekends.

Cherry Hill Gate

Cherry Hill Gate is a nature and wildlife area which is a part of the Royal Botanical Garden. The trail passing through the forest will stumble you with lush greenery, tall trees, chipmunks, and wildlife. It is a source of peaceful experience away from city noises into the nature.

Historical Sales prices of Homes in Burlington and Hamilton

Single Detached

The median sale price for single detached homes rose 15.5% on a year-over-year basis to $999,000 in the second quarter of 2022.


The median sale price for townhouse and row units rose 14.1% on a year-over-year basis to $810,000 in the second quarter of 2022.

Apartment Units

The median sale price for apartment units rose 23.8% on a year-over-year basis to $620,000 in the second quarter of 2022.

*Source REALTORS® Association of Hamilton and Burlington

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