18 New Construction Detached & Townhomes in Ajax ( 2024 )

New Construction Condos in Ajax

18 New Pre construction Detached, Townhomes, or Condos for sale in Ajax, Ontario | Check out plans, pricing, availability for preconstruction homes in Ajax

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    10 Pre Construction Homes in Ajax - Upcoming New Homes (August, 2023 )

    1. New Forest at Duffin's Creek - By Haber Homes | Location: 1192 Church Street North, Ajax, ON
    2. 27 Harwood Ave South Condos - By U Developments | Location:27 Harwood Avenue South, Ajax
    3. Ajax Taunton - By Valour Group | Location: 361 Taunton Road West, Ajax
    4. Manhattan Place - By  Fourteen Estates and Construct & Conserve. | Location: 520 Rossland Road West, Ajax
    5. Garden on the Bay - By 95 Developments Inc | Location : 282 Monarch Avenue, Ajax
    6. Galaxy Townhomes - By OSMI Homes | Location: 367 Porte Road, Ajax
    7. Forest Edge Towns - By North Star Homes | Location: 1238 Concession Rd 3 Ajax
    8. Jax Condos - By Crystal Glen Homes | Location : 1961 Ravenscroft Road, Ajax
    9. Ruback Towns - By OSMI Homes | Location : 10 Doric Street, Ajax
    10. lake Pointe Condos - By Your Home Developments | Location : 253 Lake Driveway West,  Garden on the Bay Condos - By 95 Developments Inc. Location : 282 Monarch Avenue, Ajax, ON, Canada

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                                                                        New Detached Homes in Ajax: Your Gateway to Vibrant Living

                                                                        Pre-construction homes in Durham Region:

                                                                        Durham Region is a rapidly growing area that includes cities like Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa. Many builders in the area offer pre-construction homes, which can be a great way to get in on the ground floor of a new development.

                                                                        New detached homes in Ajax:

                                                                        Ajax is a popular choice for homebuyers, thanks to its easy access to Toronto and its vibrant community. Many builders offer new detached homes in Ajax, allowing buyers to choose from a range of floor plans and features.

                                                                        Builders in Ajax:
                                                                        If you're looking for a new home in Ajax, there are several builders to choose from. Some of the most popular include Mattamy Homes, Great Gulf Homes, and Sundial Homes.

                                                                        Ajax developments:
                                                                        If you're interested in new developments in Ajax, there are several to choose from. Some of the most popular include Riverside in Ajax by Fernbrook Homes, Central Park Ajax by Paradise Developments, and Vision by Sundial Homes.

                                                                        Why Buy Pre construction homes in Ajax

                                                                        Reasons to buy a home for your family. Buying New construction homes such as detached homes, semi detached homes, Townhomes or a condo in Ajax can be a good choice for many homebuyers who are priced out in expensive cities like Toronto, North York, Mississauga. 

                                                                        Many of the people moving to Ajax are from other similar suburbs in the GTA, seeking affordable living options. They tend to be young families looking to lay down roots, confident that the city's schooling and community programs will support their family-based lifestyle. 

                                                                        Others are leaving Toronto’s hot real estate market because they need more space than what’s offered by small condos. Ajax remains connected to the city while taking a chunk out of the price it costs to live there. There's also a growing contingent of immigrants in Ajax. They appreciate the perfect blend of multiculturalism that's synonymous with the city. 

                                                                        Are there rebates for first time home buyers in Ajax

                                                                        First time home buyers can take advantage of many rebates. To learn about what you qualify for, contact us to speak with our partner pre construction specialists. 

                                                                        Why Buying pre-construction homes in Ajax is a good idea?

                                                                        During and post cover, many young people have been moving out of the city and into the suburbs lately. Wondering why? It makes sense when you consider what Ajax offers. 

                                                                        This town is economically booming, a great place to raise a family and much less hectic than the city.  It has been a place of new development over the past few years, so house hunters can expect to find some options here that include newly built houses. They come in different sizes and styles. Therefore, you can find anything from townhomes, semi-detached homes to fully detached homes.

                                                                        Great Transit system

                                                                        Over time, Ajax has grown into a hub for commuters traveling to the downtown core for work (and even further southwest). This is a primary benefit of Ajax Go, conveniently located on Westney Road. It's also highly advantageous for residents with jobs situated further east.

                                                                        Moreover, those commuting north for work will enjoy relatively quiet roads during the morning and night while traveling against traffic. 

                                                                        For inner-city travel, Durham Regional Transit makes for a convenient option. This intricate, well-serviced system connects across neighborhoods along Ajax’s north, east, west, and south regions.

                                                                        Thriving Demographics and newcomers in Ajax 

                                                                        The most recent census numbers from 2016 show that Ajax is a welcome home for immigrants seeking exciting opportunities. Almost 40% of the Ajax’s population consists of residents born outside of Canada.  

                                                                        Speaking to the budding multiculturalism across the city is the many origins of Ajax's residents. For instance, while most immigrants are of Asian descent, there are steadily growing Jamaican and Sri Lankan communities. 

                                                                        Great schools for children

                                                                        Ajax has some great choices when it comes to schools. Below are the links you can find as a great option for your kids when you buy home and move to Ajax

                                                                        1.    Vimy Ridge Public School

                                                                        2.    St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School

                                                                        3.    Southwood Park Public School

                                                                        4.    Nottingham Public School

                                                                        5.    Lester B. Pearson Public School

                                                                        More great schools

                                                                        1.    Ajax High School

                                                                        2.    Pickering High School

                                                                        3.    Father Donald MacLellan Catholic Secondary School

                                                                        4.    Pine Ridge Secondary School

                                                                        5.    Cambridge International Academy

                                                                        Some Good Neighborhood of Ajax

                                                                        Pickering Beach

                                                                        Bordering on eastern Toronto, Pickering Beach gives its residents a classy neighbor brimming with style and panache. Those living in this area are seen as the Ajax "elite" who live amidst a seamless blend of cottages and modern homes, providing a pleasing architectural contrast. 

                                                                        South Ajax

                                                                        Are you starting a family but real estate in Toronto is outside of your price range? Then you should take an in-depth look at the homes available in South Ajax. Within walking distance of Lake Ontario – and situated by Bayly and Salem – this part of town combines convenience and aesthetic beauty. 

                                                                        Living here means your neighbors will be other families aiming to harness a sense of community with their fellow residents. 

                                                                        Central Ajax

                                                                        Younger home buyers, or anyone seeking budget-friendly abodes, will appreciate the value brought forth by Central Ajax. The real estate developments in this neighborhood are characterized by their World War II-era homes and a cottage country vibe. 

                                                                        The History of early settlers in Ajax. See how Infrastructure, Housing and economy of Ajax has changed since then :

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