34 New Construction Detached & Townhomes in Vaughan ( 2024 )

New Construction Condos in Vaughan

34 New Pre construction Detached, Townhomes, or Condos for sale in Vaughan, Ontario | Check out plans, pricing, availability for preconstruction homes in Vaughan

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                                                                      Vaughan is one of the allied cities of Regional Municipality of York, Ontario. It is also known as ‘the city above Toronto’. It lies in the heart of GTA and is situated north of Toronto. It covers an area of 273.5 Sq. Km. It is a fast growing community in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). The city is governed by the city council consisting of a mayor, 3 regional councillors, and 5 local councillors.

                                                                      As per the population, Vaughan is the 5th largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and 17th largest in Canada.

                                                                      Life in Vaughan Neighbourhoods

                                                                      Vaughan is a perfect blend of multiple cultures and diverse communities. It reserves quality services and world class amenities to offer at your fingertips. The city maintains the serenity of a smalltown alongside the opportunities of a big city.It lies in close proximity to downtown Toronto which is also a factor of attraction. Heavy traffic might give a little headache.

                                                                      Festivals in Vaughan:

                                                                      • Vaughan Pizza Festival

                                                                      • Woodbridge Ribfest

                                                                      • Vaughan Christmas Village 

                                                                      • Thornhill Ribfest

                                                                      • Maplefest

                                                                      • King City Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival

                                                                      Leading Neighbourhoods in Mississauga


                                                                        It is a charming and tranquil neighbourhood situated in the northern side of the city. It is home to luxurious households and affluent youths. It is arguably the best luxury neighbourhood of Vaughan. 

                                                                        East Woodbridge

                                                                        It is potentially the best community in Vaughan for young families and individuals too. It offers a wide range of housing options alongside lush greenery, ravines, beautiful scenery, and widespread open space.

                                                                        Sonoma Heights

                                                                        It is situated in the western part of Vaughan boasting its vibrant community. It is a highly sought after destination by young families. It also offers plenty of recreational amenities. 


                                                                        It is a luxurious neighbourhood featuring large and charming properties. It offers top-notch facilities in almost every aspect. The area is also enriched with natural scenic beauty.

                                                                        Western Downs

                                                                        It is a thriving community with a family friendly environment. It offers high safety standards and accessibility to quality amenities. It is perfect for individuals as well as families.

                                                                        Columbus Trail

                                                                        It is popular for its affordable housing options and family friendly environment. It is a highly desired neighbourhood by first time homebuyers. Recreational facilities are also exceptional with Canada’s Wonderland nearby.

                                                                        House Market of Vaughan

                                                                        Vaughan is one of the best places to live in Canada. It is a sought after destination by real estate investors. Its close proximity to Toronto also vastly affects the housing market. However, the city also offers plenty of affordable housing options. It provides a wide selection of housing with top notch facilities. The housing market is thriving with consistent increase in housing prices year after year. Single-detached family houses are the most popular in Vaughan.

                                                                        Popular Property Types
                                                                        Average Price

                                                                        Mortgage and down payment details

                                                                        Mortgage is necessary if you want to buy a property in Vaughan. There are plenty of Mortgage brokers and local real estate agents who can assist and help you to seal the best deal. However there are other many factors affecting the mortgage rates such as mortgage tenure, lender, down payment, insurance and mortgage type. 

                                                                        As for minimum down payment

                                                                        The standard down payment is 20% of the total value of property. The minimum down payment required is 5% and the homebuyers depositing less than 20% of down payment will have to obtain mortgage loan insurance in order to attain a mortgage.

                                                                        Property taxes and other taxes details

                                                                        Vaughan property tax is based on the assessed value of the property as evaluated by the Municipal Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Almost all the homes are subjected to residential property tax. Residential property tax  The final residential property tax rate of Vaughan for 2021 is 0.665259%. THe final tax amount is calculated by multiplying the final property tax rate by the assessed value of the property.

                                                                        Land Transfer Tax(LTT)

                                                                        Land Transfer Tax is a marginal tax and is imposed on the property buyers in Vaughan. LTT rates are different for each portion of the property value. Unlike Toronto, Only provincial land transfer tax is levied in Vaughan.

                                                                        Weather of Mississauga

                                                                        The annual average temperature of Vaughan is 8.3°C and average days of snowfall is 34.3 days.

                                                                        Vaughan has a  cold and temperate climate. The weather of Vaughan  is quite similar with other cities of Ontario. The summers are warm whereas winters are freezing, dry, snowy and extremely windy.It experiences significant rainfall throughout most of the year and the sky is partially cloudy year around.

                                                                        Family Life and Education

                                                                        Vaughan has a vibrant city tone but it does not give up on its family friendly environment. It provides top-notch resources to lead a well balanced family life. It is home to quality educational institutions and plenty of family friendly recreational options. The local authorities are serving their best in improving the safety standards and developing a more secure environment for its residents. 

                                                                         Popular academic institutions of Vaughan

                                                                        • Michael Cranny  Public School ( k- 8)

                                                                        • Mackenzie Glen Public School (K - 8)

                                                                        • Discovery Public School (K - 8)

                                                                        • Thornhill Secondary School (9 -12)

                                                                        • Westmount Secondary School(9-12)

                                                                        • Tommy Douglas School(9-12)

                                                                        • Humber College

                                                                        • Centennial College

                                                                        • University of Toronto Schools

                                                                          Living Cost In Vaughan

                                                                          Vaughan is one of the most rapidly urbanizing metropolises of Canada. The city offers a fast and affordable transit system. It provides a sheer abundance of job opportunities, quality educational institutions,  health services, eatery options, and recreational facilities. It is the 4th most expensive city in Ontario and 6th most expensive city in Canada. The monthly average cost of living in Vaughan is $1938 for a single person.

                                                                           Major Attractions: 

                                                                          • Strong Economy

                                                                          • Amazing Public Transportation

                                                                          • Employment Opportunities

                                                                          • Vibrant Neighbourhoods

                                                                          • Abundance of Recreational Amenities

                                                                          Weekend Getaways

                                                                          Vaughan is a charming city situated right in the heart of GTA. It offers plenty of recreational conveniences within the city and also provides easy accessibility to the ones located outside. Here are some of the major weekend attractions of Vaughan:


                                                                          Canada’s Wonderland

                                                                          Canada’s Wonderland is the largest theme park of Canadaspread over an area of 134 hectare. It is the most visited and also the most fascinating attraction in Vaughan. It features plenty of thriller rides, games, and shows. It has something for everyone.

                                                                          Vaughan Mills

                                                                          Vaughan MIlls is the most popular shopping mall in Vaughan, Ontario. It is a popular shopping destination and a major tourist spot. It features the outlets of world's leading fashion and lifestyle brands. It is a great place for a relaxing day out with friends.

                                                                          Kortright Centre for Conservation

                                                                          Kortright Centre for Conservation is a popular conservation area and educational facility in Vaughan, Ontario. It is a treat for nature lovers. It features amazing trails and picnic spots perfect for a family day out. It offers great trails suitable for all ages. It is a must visit if you live nearby.

                                                                          McMichael Canadian Art Collection

                                                                          McMichael Canadian Art Collection is an art gallery in Vaughan, Ontario. It also offers a sculpture garden to explore. It features an amazing collection of paintings by renowned artists. It is a must visit if you are an artist or an art lover.

                                                                          Reptilia Vaughan

                                                                          Reptilia Vaughan is the largest indoor reptile zoo in Canada featuring over 250 reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. It is home to the largest crocodile in Canada and many other exotic creatures. It is the perfect place to plan a fascinating weekend for kids. Check out more pre construction homes in Vaughan

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