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60 New Preconstruction Condos for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Check out plans, pricing, availability for pre construction condos in Toronto

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New Condos in Toronto, Canada

Besides its cultural richness, bustling cityscape, and thriving economy, Toronto offers a wide range of housing options to suit various lifestyles and preferences. Pre-construction condos, in particular, provide an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new development.

With a thriving real estate market and a constant influx of high-rise condominiums, New condo developments in Toronto are heaven for those seeking modern urban living. From stylish designs to luxurious amenities, Toronto condos offer a contemporary lifestyle in the heart of one of Canada's most cosmopolitan cities. The new condo developments in Toronto offer a contemporary lifestyle in the heart of one of Canada's most cosmopolitan cities.

Top Pre construction condos in Toronto (June 2023)

Check out all the upcoming pre construction condos in Toronto. 

1. Kipling Station Condos - By CentreCourt | Location : 5251 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON
Kipling Station Condos is a new condo development by CentreCourt currently in preconstruction at 5251 Dundas Street West, Toronto. With the Kipling Station Transit Hub at your doorstep, access to the Subway, GO Train, Mi-Way, and Toronto Pearson International Airport is unparalleled. Coming to Downtown Etobicoke, this elegant 50-storey community will rise above Etobicoke’s rapidly growing skyline.

2. Allure Condos - By Emblem Developments | Location : 250 King Street East, Toronto, ON

Allure Condos is a new condo development by Emblem Developments currently in preconstruction at 250 King Street East, Toronto. Located at a strategic crossroads in Toronto, Allure Condos offers residents a prime spot for effortless commuting throughout the city. With the TTC Subway Line 2 passing through Sherbourne Station, residents can easily access various locations in the city and beyond. 

3. Olive Residences Condos - By Capital Developments | Location : 36 Olive Avenue, Toronto, ON

Olive Residences is a new condo development by Capital Developments currently in preconstruction at 36 Olive Avenue, Toronto. Olive Residences has a total of 350 units. Olive Residences strikes that elusive balance between luxury and effortless living, with 11,000 SF of thoughtfully-programmed indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. 

4. Raglan House Condominiums - By Camrost Felcorp and Trolleybus Urban Development Inc | Location : 77 Raglan Avenue, Toronto, ON

Raglan House Condominiums is a new condo development by Camrost Felcorp and Trolleybus Urban Development Inc currently in preconstruction at 77 Raglan Avenue, Toronto. Home to a master-planned neighbourhood with an array of conveniences. Home to a charming urban community; surrounded by parks, ravines, trails, and greenspaces.

5. LSQ Condos - By Almadev | Location : 2305 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON

LSQ is a new condo development By Almadev currently in preconstruction at 2305 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto. Centrally located, bringing together residents, families, business owners, people who work in the neighbourhood and anyone passing through, in one space that accommodates everyone’s needs. It’s going to be an anchor in the Sheppard East community.

6. South Forest Hill Residences - By Parallax Development Corporation and Westdale Properties | Location : 63 Montclair Avenue, Toronto, ON

South Forest Hill Residences is a new condo development by Parallax Development Corporation and Westdale Properties currently in preconstruction at 63 Montclair Avenue, Toronto.  Celebrate the beauty of stepping outside and discovering tree-lined streets, distinguished estate homes, an appealing mix of specialty shops and boutiques, and the convenience of living just steps from the subway and streetcar.

7. The Addison Residences - By Adi Development Group | Location : 135 Portland Street, Toronto, ON

The Addison Residences is a new condo development by Adi Development Group currently in preconstruction at 135 Portland Street, Toronto. Its prime location offers easy access to various amenities, including public transportation, the PATH system, high-end restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, and a vibrant nightlife scene. 

8. 316 Junction Condos - By Marling Spring Developments | Location : 316 Campbell Avenue, Toronto, ON

316 Junction Condos is a new condo development by Marlin Spring currently in preconstruction at 316 Campbell Avenue, Toronto. This is your opportunity to be part of a diverse Toronto neighbourhood that's famous for its unique urban edge and eclectic community charm at a condominium that's grounded in community.

9. Centricity Condos - By Graywood Developments | Location : 241 Church Street, Toronto, ON

Centricity Condos is a new condo development by Graywood Developments currently in pre-construction at 241 Church Street, Toronto. Centricity Condos has a total of 594 units. It is one of the most anticipated pre-construction projects in Toronto, stay tuned for more details on this project.

10. CAVO Condos - By Minto Communities | Location : 12 Cordova Avenue, Toronto, ON

CAVO Condos is a new condo development by Minto Communities currently in preconstruction at 12 Cordova Avenue, Toronto. Enjoy a multitude of amenities at your fingertips. You'll be close to local shops, restaurants, schools, and parks, including the unique Islington Village historic art murals and the many shops along Bloor!

11. River and Fifth Condos - By Broccolini | Location : 5 Defries Street, Toronto, ON

River & Fifth Condos is a new condo and townhouse development by Broccolini currently under construction at 5 Defries Street, Toronto. In the heart of Toronto’s emerging Downtown East, the fusion of nature & city dance along the river’s edge. Come home to refined condominium residences that bring the outside in.

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                                                                      House Market of Toronto(2023)

                                                                      Toronto builders prefer condos/condominiums over rental buildings entirely driven by the fast money in condos/condominiums business. Very tiny percentage of residential properties are built as rental buildings. Rental buildings aren't budget friendly either. So, condos and condominiums maintain their consistent demand.

                                                                      The Toronto Condo Market (2023)

                                                                      Toronto's condo market is buzzing with activity, featuring a wide array of new condo developments, high-rise condominiums, and pre-construction condos.  The condo market in 2023 is characterized by a healthy demand for urban living and a thriving real estate landscape. 

                                                                      High-rise condominiums dominate the Toronto skyline, providing breathtaking views and convenient access to the city's bustling attractions. With their prime locations and luxurious finishes, high-rise condominiums continue to be highly sought after in the Toronto condo market. These iconic structures offer a blend of convenience and sophistication, featuring top-notch amenities such as fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and concierge services. For those seeking the thrill of being part of a project from its early stages, pre-construction condos present an exciting opportunity in Toronto Condo Market.

                                                                      In terms of the average price of condos in Toronto, the typical condo in Toronto costs $1050 per square foot when it is still under construction. On the other side, the average cost of a resale condo in 2023 is about $986,085.

                                                                      Average Price of Condos in Toronto

                                                                      The typical new condo in Toronto costs $1050 per square foot when it is still under construction. The average cost of a resale condo right now is about $986,085. Pre-construction condos in Toronto are predicted to continuously increase in value, so homebuyers are attracted to buying new condos in Toronto as a great investment opportunity.

                                                                      Moving to Toronto, Ontario? Discover the Pros and Cons of buying New Condos in Toronto!

                                                                      Are you considering living in Toronto, Canada in 2023 and exploring the condo market, particularly pre-construction condos? Toronto is a dynamic city with a bustling condo market, offering a range of opportunities and lifestyle benefits. The high-rise condominiums offer a range of advantages, including diverse options, prime locations, modern amenities, and investment potential. However, it's crucial to consider factors such as cost, competition, fees, space limitations, and density. By thoroughly assessing these factors, you can find your perfect pre-construction condo in Toronto, Canada.

                                                                      Benefits of Buying a Pre Construction Condo in Toronto

                                                                      Variety of Options: Toronto's condo market boasts a diverse selection of options, including new condo developments and high-rise condominiums across the city. Whether you're seeking a sleek urban unit, a luxury penthouse, or a more affordable entry-level pre-construction condo, Toronto has something to suit various budgets and preferences.

                                                                      Prime Locations: The pre-construction condos are often situated in prime locations, offering convenient access to amenities, transportation, entertainment, and employment opportunities. Living in a centrally located condo in Toronto can provide an urban lifestyle with everything at your doorstep.

                                                                      Modern Amenities: The pre-construction condos in Toronto are known for their modern amenities, such as fitness centers, rooftop terraces, swimming pools, concierge services, and more. These amenities enhance residents' quality of life, allowing for relaxation, socializing, and convenience within their new condo.

                                                                      Maintenance-Free Living: New condos in Toronto living offers the advantage of low maintenance. With shared responsibility for building upkeep and common areas, residents can enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle, freeing up time to pursue other interests and activities.

                                                                      Investment Potential of New Condos: Toronto's condo market has historically shown strong investment potential, with steady price appreciation over time. Buying a pre-construction condo allows you to secure a property at a lower price, potentially leading to significant capital gains upon completion of your new condo. 

                                                                      Disadvantages of Buying Pre Construction Condos in Toronto

                                                                      Cost of Ownership: Toronto's real estate market, including condos, can be expensive. High demand and limited supply contribute to higher prices, making it essential to carefully consider your budget and financial capabilities before investing in pre-construction condos in Toronto.

                                                                      Competition Time of Pre Construction Condos: The pre-construction condos market is competitive, particularly for sought-after units and locations. Buyers may face multiple offers and bidding wars, requiring prompt decision-making and potentially driving up prices for new condos.

                                                                      Condo Fees: Owning a condo typically entails monthly maintenance fees, which cover the cost of building maintenance, utilities, and amenities. These fees can vary widely depending on the building and its offerings, so it's crucial to factor them into your budget. 

                                                                      Looking to buy pre construction condo in Toronto? Watch the video below to know about best things to do in Toronto!

                                                                      Leading Neighborhoods in Toronto (Exploring the Best Neighborhoods for Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto)

                                                                      In 2023, Toronto continues to thrive as a hotbed for new condo developments and high-rise condominiums. It offers a range of diverse and thriving neighborhoods, each with its unique character and appeal. While a lot of homebuyers are attracted to Toronto to find their perfect pre-construction condo before it's even built, some of the neighborhoods appeal more than others. When it comes to the condo market and pre-construction condos, Toronto, Canada, stands out as a vibrant and dynamic city with numerous leading neighborhoods. Here are the leading neighborhoods in Toronto to look into before buying your new construction condo. 

                                                                      Downtown Toronto: The heart of the city, Downtown Toronto, is a hub of activity with a wide range of new condo developments. From luxurious high-rise condominiums to trendy loft-style living, this neighborhood offers a bustling urban lifestyle with easy access to world-class entertainment, dining, and employment opportunities.

                                                                      Yonge and Eglinton: Located at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue, this neighborhood has experienced significant growth and development in recent years. It is a popular choice for young professionals and families seeking a mix of urban conveniences, upscale shopping, and a vibrant nightlife scene. New condo developments in this area offer modern amenities and proximity to public transportation.

                                                                      Liberty Village: Situated just west of Downtown Toronto, Liberty Village has transformed from an industrial area into a trendy and sought-after neighborhood. It features a mix of converted loft buildings and new high-rise condominiums, attracting young professionals and artists. The area offers a vibrant community atmosphere, with cafes, boutiques, and art galleries within walking distance.

                                                                      Waterfront Communities: The waterfront area of Toronto, including neighborhoods like Harbourfront and West Don Lands, offers stunning lake views and a thriving condo market. With an emphasis on modern architecture and high-end amenities, new condo developments in this area cater to those seeking a luxurious waterfront lifestyle with easy access to parks, trails, and cultural attractions for homebuyers.

                                                                      Entertainment District: Known for its bustling entertainment scene, the Entertainment District is a prime location for those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle. The area is home to world-class theaters, sports arenas, restaurants, and nightlife venues. New condo developments in this neighborhood provide residents with convenient access to entertainment options, making it an attractive choice for professionals and pre-construction condo investors.

                                                                      Investing in pre-construction condos in Toronto offers the advantage of securing a property at an early stage, potentially at a lower price. As the condo market in Toronto continues to thrive in 2023, working with a knowledgeable real estate agent who specializes in new condo developments and pre-construction condos is crucial. They can provide insights into market trends, guide you through the purchasing process, and help you make informed investment decisions in the right neighborhood.

                                                                      Weather of Toronto

                                                                      Toronto is one of the warmer cities in Canada, still the ground is covered by snow for at least 65 days of the year on average.

                                                                      The Weather in Toronto is largely affected by Lake Ontario. Toronto experiences warm summers and very severe unexpected winters which can last for a frustratingly long time. Winter is complemented by the snow deeper than 1cm on the ground mostly during the days between late december and early march. However, the presence of Lake Ontario prevents the weather from getting even more severe than it currently is.


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