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Oakville is a lakeside town located in Halton Region as one of its constituent towns. It is a charming town on the shore of Lake Ontario with a beautiful natural setting. It lies in Southern Ontario and is also a part of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). It is cherished for its small town ambience with outstanding urban facilities. Although it is the largest town in Ontario, it is one of the most densely populated places of Canada.

Oakville was ranked as Canada’s best place to live by MoneySense Magazine in 2018.

Life in Oakville Neighbourhoods

Oakville is a peaceful town featuring great neighbourhoods, broad parklands, strong heritage, fine architecture, diverse traditions, quality schools, and safe communities. It lies close to the city of Toronto, so it provides easy access to big city amenities along with laid-back town life. It is a tranquil community despite its close proximity to the vibrant city of Toronto. It is also ranked as the 3rd best place to retire and 5th best place to raise a family in Canada.

Festivals in Oakville:

  • The Oakville Film Festival

  • Oakville Family Ribfest

  • Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival

  • Oakville Waterfront Festival

  • For the Love of Arts Festival

Religious Affiliation in Oakville

No Religion

Oakville was ranked in the first place on the list of cities with best weather in Canada.

Leading Neighbourhoods in Oakville

    Downtown Oakville

    It is a fascinating part of the town with easy access to all facilities. From career opportunities to recreational amenities, it won't disappoint with its charm.

    Joshua Creek

    It is an ideal neighbourhood to live a peaceful town life while staying close to big cities. It is just 30 min away from Toronto which is one of the most captivating factors of this neighbourhood.


    It is the most pleasing neighbourhood in Oakville. The environment is peaceful and perfect to raise a family. It has access to exceptional recreational amenities.

    River Oaks

    It is especially popular among young families. It is well facilitated to live a comfortable active life as it has lots of open space to offer.

    Glen Abbey

    It is one of the most prominent parts of the town, ideally located in the heart of Oakville. It offers the most convenient facilities and tranquil community experience.


    It is home to top ranked academic institutions in Oakville. It has the ideal environment to raise a family. It offers plenty of open spaces and greenery.

    West Oakville

    It is one of the most alluring neighbourhoods in Oakville due to its affordable housing. People wanting to live an active life in a more open area should definitely lay their eyes here.

    House Market of Oakville

    Oakville has significantly affordable housing despite its close proximity to Toronto where housing prices are tremendously high. It is the richest town in Canada and home to over 260 national and international corporate headquarters. It is especially thriving in pharmaceutical, technology, automotive, business services, aerospace, and tourism sectors. The average home price in Oakville is $1.2M.

    Major Attractions:

    • Safe Neighbourhoods

    • Quality Schools

    • Proximity to Lake Ontario

    • Abundance of Recreational Amenities

    • Nature Exposure

    Popular Property Types


    Average Price

    Mortgage and down payment details

    Mortgage rates vary and finding the best mortgage rate is essential. Proper research is extremely important before securing your mortgage. Comparing the mortgage rates among different lenders and companies will assist you in finding the best deal. There are a wide range of options including residential first and second mortgages, commercial mortgages, industrial mortgages, etc. 

    As for the minimum downpayment,

    • 5% down payment on the first $500,000

    • 10% down payment for the property value between $500,000 and $1,00,000

    • 20% down payment for the property value over $1,00,000

    Property taxes and other taxes details

    Property tax varies significantly based on the property types like residential, commercial, industrial, etc. Almost all kinds of homes fall under residential property. Residential property tax is composed of municipal tax of the property and provincial education tax. 

    The final residential property tax rate of Oakville as of 2020 is 0.709970%. 

    Land Transfer Tax (LTT)

    Land Transfer Tax is a marginal tax which is subjected whenever you buy a property in Oakville which is due upon closing. Homebuyers in Oakville only have to pay provincial land transfer tax. LTT amount depends upon the value of your property.

    Weather of Oakville

    The annual average temperature of Oakville is 9.3°C and average annual rainfall is about 37.3 inch.

    Oakville has a cold and temperate climate. Summers are typically warm and humid whereas Winters are freezing cold, dry and windy. July is the hottest month and February is usually the coldest. Rain falls throughout the year however, July is the wettest month with average rainfall of 7.7mm. As a whole, the weather is quite pleasant.

    Family Life and Education

    Oakville is a charming town perfect for living with a family. It offers world class urban amenities while maintaining a town vibe. The town is popular for its quality schools and quality education which makes it an even more favourable area to raise a family. It has a very low crime rate, high safety standards and tranquil environment. 

     Popular academic institutions of Oakville

    • James W. Hill Public School ( k- 8)

    • Joshua Creek Public School (K - 8)

    • Pilgrim Wood Public School (K - 8)

    • Oakville Trafalgar (9 -12)

    • Iroquois Ridge(9-12)

    • Abbey Park(9-12)

    • Maclachlan College

    • Evergreen College

    • Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advance

    Weekend Getaways

    Weekends are a wonderful way to break away from the usual routine and explore something new and exciting. Oakville has a lot to offer when it comes to fascinating vacation destinations. Some of those areas away from busy streets to give you profound experience:

    Bronte Creek Provincial Park

    Bronte Creek Provincial Park sits right between Oakville and Burlington and is popular for its off-leash trails. It is a relaxing place for a family outing, camping, cross country skiing, hiking, or just walking around with your dog. It is a wonderful destination for a quick refreshment away from tall buildings and busy streets.

    Lion’s Valley Park

    Lion’s Valley Park is a tranquil and pleasant park integrated with tall lush green trees and widespread grassland. It is a beautiful destination for hiking, fishing, picnicking, and barbecuing with your family and friends. It is even prettier during autumn with the fall colors taking over. A walk through the trees in winding pathways will soothe you from within.

    Oakville Museum

    Oakville Museum in Erchless Estate is a former home to the founder family of Oakville- the Chisholm Family. Visiting this museum is like stepping back in time. The beautiful buildings and gardens are set on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is a glimpse of the heritage and history of the town.

    Bronte Heritage Park

    Bronte Heritage Park is a waterfront park with a stunning view of Lake Ontario. It is perfect for a refreshing day out or a great spot for evening walk if you stay nearby. It is an ideal destination for boating, birdwatching, fishing, or walking around in the fresh air witnessing the boats passing by.

    Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

    Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre of Oakville is every artist and artisans dream getaway destination. It offers a variety of workshops and courses that will awaken you from within and leave you inspired. Glorious art galleries and exhibitions are also alluring factors. It is undoubtedly worth a visit.

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