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19 New Preconstruction Detached, Townhomes, or Condos for sale in Milton, Ontario | Check out plans, pricing, availability for pre construction homes in Milton

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10 Pre Construction Homes in Milton ( 2022 )

  1. Mile & Creek Condos - By mattamy Homes | Location : 433 Steels Avenue East
  2. Wilmot Condos - By Alliance United Corporation | Location 2452 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville
  3. Elements Condos - By Trinity Point Developments | Location : Bronte Street South & Britannia Road
  4. The Valleylands of Sixteen Mile Creek - By Fieldgate Homes | Location : 8625 Britannia Road
  5. Creekside Condos - By Sixteen Mile Land Corp | Location - 6439 Regional Road 25
  6. Panaroma Towns & Singles - By Andrin Homes | Location : Steels Avenue & Peru Road
  7. 16 Mile Creek Valley Condos - By Primont Homes | Location : Regional road 25 & Britannia road
  8. 130 Thompson Road South Condos - By Hodero Holdings | Location : 130 Thompson Road south 
  9. Connectt Condos phase I, II, & III - By Lindvest | Location : 2232 Derry Road West
  10. Hawthrone East Village - By mattamy Homes | Location : Fouth line & Louis Saint Laurent Avenue

Looking for Assignments for sale? here is the link If you are looking for assignments for sale in Milton.

New Preconstruction Homes for Sale in Milton

There are hundreds of new construction semi detached, detached homes , townhomes and condos units available for purchase in milton. If you are looking for an affordable 1 Bedroom condo unit or luxurious 4 bedroom detached homes with massive backyard look no further, Milton has it all. The growth spurt in new build homes in Milton is driven by the population growth. Home Builders like Mattamy homes, Great gulf and Branthaven have been constructing homes to families of all sizes and budgets.

Why buy new construction homes in Milton ?

Buying a new Construction home in Milton is one of the best decisions you can make. Milton is growing and has become one of the top choices for investors for the past 5 years. The impressive growth in population is driven by the jobs, welcoming culture and opportunities for investors to grow their investment portfolio. Milton is as diverse as any city could be. People from all walks of life, from all over the world have made Milton their home sweet home.

So buying a new construction home in Milton is no brainer if you like living in a vibrant city close to all the amenities, transit, train network, hospitals.

Life in Milton Neighbourhoods

Milton is a small town which shelters a limited population. It has gained a reputation as more of the rural area but it offers top notch urban facilities. It is a great place to raise a family with a more calm environment. Undoubtedly it is one of the best places to live for some people however it might not be an ideal destination for some. People who enjoy pace and buzz might be disappointed since Milton is preserving its small town vibe.

Festivals in Milton

  • Milton Fall Fair
  • Milton Santa Claus Parade
  • Pumpkins After Dark
  • The Downtown Milton Street Festival
  • Milton Film Festival

    Milton holds 19% of the total population of Halton.

    Leading Neighbourhoods in Milton

      Old Milton

      It serves as the downtown area for new Milton. It boasts its beautiful vintage architecture  along with the view of Niagara Escarpment at a distance. It is a highly sought after destination in MIlton.

      Bronte Meadows

      It is one of the older neighbourhoods residing in the centre of the town. It offers a wide selection of housing ranging from affordable to luxurious. Bronte Meadows Park provides numerous recreational conveniences.


      It is the youngest neighbourhood of Miton and also a fast growing community. The huge community park at the centre is one of the major attractions. It is popular among young families.


      It is the northeastern-most neighbourhood of MIlton and lies closest to the city of Toronto and Mississauga. Its close proximity to big cities and easy access to conveniences is exactly why its popularity is climbing the heights.


      It showcases the stunning view of Niagara Escarpment. Housing is quite affordable however properties with a clear view of Niagara Escarpment come with heavier price tags. 


      It is one of the newer establishments in MIlton. It offers housing with a stunning view of Niagara Escarpment , plenty of outdoor spaces, hiking trails, parks and cycling.


      It sits at the heart of Milton with towns best features especially popular for its tree-lined streets and large yards. It is an ideal neighbourhood to raise a family. 


      It is popular for its family friendly environment with lots of parks, greenery, and well maintained pathways/lanes. It facilitates recreational conveniences for kids as well as adults.

      House Market of Milton

      Milton is a thriving town and housing market prices are increasing day by day. Milton’s real estate market is ranked as 15th most expensive and also the 2nd fastest selling market in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Single detached family houses and townhouses are the most popular types of property in Milton. 

      General Facts About House Market

      • Owned Property - 85% 

      • Rental Property - 15%

      • Average price of house in Milton: $1.1M

      • Median price of house in Milton: $965K

      Popular Property Types
      Average Price

      Mortgage and down payment details

      Mortgage deals significantly vary with respect to mortgage type, downpayment, insurance and lender. However, you can lock yourself to the best deal with the assistance of mortgage brokers around the area. Mortgage rates are the lowest in Milton. It can even get as low as 1% for some homebuyers.

      As for the minimum downpayment

      • The standard down payment is 20%. However you can qualify for a mortgage beginning with 5% down payment but you will have to attain mortgage insurance if downpayment is below 20%.

      Property taxes and other taxes details

      Property tax rates depend on property types. Almost all kinds of housing qualify for residential property tax. Residential property tax is composed of municipal tax of the property and the provincial education tax. 

      The final residential property tax rate of Milton is 0.668702%

      Land Transfer Tax(LTT)

      Land Transfer Tax is calculated based on the purchase price of the property. Milton only imposed provincial land transfer tax for residential properties. LTT is a marginal tax so it is calculated with different rates for different portions of property value.

        The average cost of living in MIlton is 10% higher than the national average.

        Living in Milton

        Milton is an expensive place to live. The average cost of housing, food, transportation and healthcare are all above the national average. The crime rates of Milton are moderate, so the community is decently safe for living. The town mainly offers three, four or more bedroom homes which makes the task of finding affordable homes a little tough.

        Major Attractions

        • Quality Schools

        • Trails and Parks

        • Recreational Amenities 

        • Natural Scenic beauty

         Major Expenses Categories

        • Rent and Utilities

        • Transportation

        • Housing 

        • Food

        • Health Services

        • Entertainment

        Weather of Milton

        The annual average temperature of Milton is just 8.4°C and average annual rainfall is about 36,2 inch.

        Milton experiences a cold and temperate climate. Summers have comfortable weather with high temperatures accompanied by humidity whereas winters are far too cold and windy. Wind chill adds up to the cold during winter. The rainfall is quite consistent throughout the year however, it still rains / snows 4-6 times a month during winter.

        Family Life and Education

        Milton has diverse neighbourhoods which favours a quality family life. Since the town is quite small, there might not be a wide range of options when it comes to education. It does have few quality academic institutions. 

         Popular academic institutions of Oakville

        • EW Foster Public School (K-5)

        • Chris Hadfield Public School (K-8) 

        • Craig Kielburger (9-12)

        • Milton District (9-12)

        • Summit College

        • The Centre For International Holistic Ontario

        Weekend Getaways

        Milton is like a getaway destination on its own; however it also offers amazing getaway destinations to spend some quality time during weekends . It has something for everyone. Some of the fascinating destinations in Milton to rejuvenate your senses over a weekend:

        Hilton Falls Conservation Area

        Hilton Falls Conservation Area is a natural treat and a delight for nature enthusiasts. It possesses one of the best hiking trails alongside lush greenery of enchanted forest and rushing rivers. It also offers Mountain biking and cross country skiing. Overally, It is a wonderful weekend destination in Milton.

        Crawford Lake Conservation Area

        Crawford Lake Conservation Area boasts the beautiful meromictic lake that sits right at the heart of the park. The lake is nestled in lush forest with long walking trails. It also offers recreational amenities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Many schools and organizations also arrange their events and tours around the area.

        Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

        Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area is a hiking area/park in Milton, Ontario. It features trails for all kinds of hikers and stunning views from the top cliff. The breathtaking forest trails, view trails and wildflower trails leading through tall trees and widespread bushes are the major attractions. 

        Mill Pond

        Mill Pond resides in the heart of the town and is especially stunning when the fall colors take over. It is an ideal destination for a family event or day out since it facilitates fishing, hiking, and biking as well.

        Milton Centre for the Arts

        Milton Centre for the Arts is a wonderful theatre in MIlton which organizes a variety of programs and events throughout the year. Milton Film Festival is the most popular one. It also showcases a beautiful art gallery in the lobby which is an additional treat.

        Mile and Creek Condos in Milton

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